Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku, Tappy trip, Haiku poems

After a couple of weather-induced postponements, eight intrepid Wellington section members headed to climb Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku. The team wrote up the trip report with each person writing a haiku for a section of the trip.

Adventure, ahoy!

We arrive in awe to our

Palatial road-end

Road-end accommodation Photo credit : Carolyn Ellis


Packs on, so heavy

Wetsuit socks to keep feet warm

Hodder trudge begins

Photo credit : Jurgen Osterle


Up river marching,

Sun high, wet boots, heavy packs

Huts ahead, tea time!

Hodder Huts - Photo credit : Moses Fruean


Dark misty torchlights

Ghostly cairn, splashing water

Whiteout, wind, get down 

Photo credit : George Stick
Heading to the saddle - Photo credit : George Stick

Retreat from saddle

How did we find our way here

Boots off, fresh coffee

Retreat - Photo credit : Moses Fruean

Heading back to Hodder Huts - Photo credit : Simon Williamson


On a sugar high

Downstream dead goat water, yum

Bridge in sight, job done!

  Photo credit : George Stick

Drive back from the tramp,

Sheep blocking the road baaa baaa

Good food and a sleep


Hurry up and wait

Rugby, food, potbelly stoves

Sleepy ferry rides